About Us

Meet Mel & Drew. 

We met and married in the summer of 2017. In all of the excitement of eloping there was something that took all the fun out of it – finding high quality wedding rings in a short period of time - and not to mention the pressure to buy from sales associates once we walked into jewelry stores.
As a solution to this obstacle that many couples also face, Drew had an idea – why don’t we start our own jewelry company without the ridiculous markups? And what at first seemed like a joke (an IT analyst and accountant starting a jewelry company? HA!) turned into an extremely successful ecommerce jewelry business - Drewelry.
We work closely with the some of the same vendors and manufacturers as many big brand jewelry stores to bring you high quality custom jewelry. But what sets us apart is our interactive customization tool and creative jewelry consultants that aim to put the fun back in ring shopping! 
The best part of it all? Do it on your own time! Spend days or weeks customizing a ring on our website, and when you’re ready just submit a quote for one of our jewelry consultants to finalize your order. You will never feel the pressure to buy and we will always be here for you every step of the way.
At Drewelry, our top priority will always be our customers, whether you’re here to purchase the perfect ring for a loved one, or yourself, let us help you create a piece to last a lifetime.
All the best,

Mel & Drew